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Seattle Seahawks Uniform Timeline
Seattle Seahawks Uniform
                      Timeline 1976-2014

                        Seattle Kings NFL Helmet

The Seattle Kings
On November 2, 1972, The official groundbreaking ceremony for the Kingdome occurred. A helmet was on display for the hopeful new NFL franchise, but it wasn't a Seahawks helmet - It was a helmet for the Seattle Kings. Check out the great article at SportsPress Northwest for the entire history of a professional Seattle franchise that failed, but set up the creation of the Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks
The Seattle Professional Football, awarded a new NFL franchise in 1974, asked for fan submissions on the team’s name. They received 20,365 entries suggesting 1,741 names – and 151 of them wanted the Seahawks. Along with Seahawks, the SPF group had four other finalists: Mariners*, Evergreens, Olympics and Sockeyes. (*The Seattle Mariners baseball team didn’t have its first game until 1977, a year after the Seahawks’ first game.) Other rejected names included the Aardvarks, the Abominable Snowmen and the Bumbershoots. Read more HERE. (P-I)
                            Seatlle PI Seahawks naming

The Seattle Seahawks debuted in 1976, the team's logo was a stylized royal blue and forest green hawk's head based on Northwestern Native American art. The helmet and pants were silver while the home uniforms were royal blue with white, blue and green arm stripes. The road uniform was white with blue and green arm stripes.

The Mask that Inspired the Logo
Dr. Robin Wright from the Burke Museum in Seattle, WA posted an article on how she, with the help of Bill Holm, found the Northwest Coast mask that inspired the original Seahawks logo located at the
Hudson Museum at the University of Maine. Click on the graphic to be redirected to the full story.
The Seahawk mask
Image courtesy of the Burke Museum Seattle, WA

Lucky 7's
Many have m
entioned the style of 7 on the jersey from 1976 to 2001. There was quite a variety not only in the 7 but other numbers as well.  M. Princip over at greenglare.com has a great chart showing the different fonts and alternative fonts used HERE.
1982 Seahawks Jacob
                          Green Card
The card above shows two different 7's on the field in 1982

To date, the Seahawks are the only NFL team to never wear white uniforms at home.
Year (win-loss)
1976 (2-12)
The Beginning
The Seattle Seahawks debuted in 1976, the team's logo was a stylized royal blue and forest green hawk's head based on Northwestern Native American art. The helmet and pants were gray with the home jersey being royal blue with white, blue and green arm stripes. The road jersey was white with blue and green arm stripes. The TV numbers were 12 inches tall on the front and only 10 inches tall on the back. (NFL & BP)

     1976 Seahawks Uniforms    
It has been a long thought myth that the Seahawks played the 1976 season without logos on their helmet. Not true. There were some scrimmages that were held without the logos (thanks
M. Princip) but all preseason and regular games had logos on their helmets. One reason for this myth are the football cards. Topps did not have the rights to use any NFL logos on their cards, so they were all airbrushed off. For the Seahawks, that meant the cards from 1976-1982 all showed blank helmets. Topps Vault has auctioned off some of the original negatives used for their cards and it shows what they airbrushed out. Great article about it at Fleer Sticker Project check out it.
1981 Steve
                  Largent Card   
Original 1981 Steve Largent Card compared to the original negative from Topps. (Fleer Sticker Proj. & Topps Vault)

1977 (5-9), 1978 (9-7), 1979 (9-7)
No Changes

1980 (4-12)
New Shoes
The Seahawks made the change from black shoes to white.
1980 Seattle Seahawks White Shoes
1981 (6-10), 1982 (4-5)
No Changes

1983 (9-7) AFC Wild Card/AFC Conference Champion Game Appearance
Chuck Knox brought in a lot of changes into Seattle including the uniforms. The striping on the arms now incorporated the Seahawks logo, and the TV numbers moved onto the shoulders. Helmet face masks changed from gray to blue. (NFL & CC)
     1983 Seattle Seahaks Uniforms
1984 (12-4) AFC Wild Card
Number 12 Retired
The number 12 was retired in 1984 by the club to honor its fans, considered "the 12th man" because of their enthusiasm and support. This was the first number ever retired by the team.

Seahawks 12th Man Jerseys

1985 (8-8)
A Decade in Seattle
The 10th Anniversary logo was added to the left side of the pants on the stripe for all games celebrating the first decade of Seahawks history. (NFL & BP)
1985 Seattle
                  Seahawks uniforms and patch
1986 (10-6), 1987 (9-6) AFC Wild Card, 1988 (9-7) AFC West Champions
No Changes

1989 (7-9)
Wilson Athletics puts their 'W' logo on the Seahawks jersey sleeves, but is not consistent on location.
1989 Seattle
                  Seahawks Uniforms

1990 (9-7)
Russell adds their logo on some Seahawks pants with Wilson still on jersey.
1990 Seattle Seahawks
1991 (7-9)
Shields Added
The NFL shield was added below jersey neck and pants (NFL)

1991 Seattle Seahawks
1992 (2-14)
No Changes

1993 (6-10)
Wilson starts moving their logo around including above the sleeve decal and forward
wilson logo movement

1994 (6-10)
Diamond Anniversary
NFL 75
th anniversary patch added to left chest and Wilson now has logo on pants and a new 7 is seen on the jerseys
(SIV & CC)
1994 Seattle
                  Seahawks Uniform and Patch

The Wilson logo was moving all over the jersey in 1994
1994 Seahawks Cards

In celebration of the NFL's 75
th anniversary, all teams wore throwback uniforms during some point of the season. There were two versions of this uniform: a navy home uniform, and a white road uniform. Unfortunately, they used the current helmets so they wore the blue face mask instead of the original gray. (SIV)

1994 Seattle
                  Seahawks Throwbacks    

In Honor of Mike Frier
Rookie RB Mike Frier was paralyzed in a car accident on December 1 by his teammate Lamar Smith who was charged with DUI vehicular assault in the accident. Frier’s other teammates played December 4, against the Indianapolis Colts at the Kingdome with his No. 92 scribbled on their wristbands and the tape covering their shoes. The Seahawks lost the game, 31-19. The #92 helmet decal was added to the helmets and worn on December 24 for final game at the Cleveland Browns.
Mike Frier 1994 Seahawks
                      helmet decal
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1995 (8-8)
Number 80 Retired
On August 12, 1995,
6 years after retirement from football, Seahawks Pro Hall of Famer Steve Largent's #80 was retired. This is the first player number to ever be retired. Largent was 7 time Pro Bowler and held all major NFL receiving records, including: Most receptions in a career (819), most receiving yards in a career (13,089), and most touchdown receptions (100), although 15 of the catches, 261 of the yards, and 3 of the touchdowns came against replacement players. He was also in possession of a then-record streak of 177 consecutive regular-season games with a reception. He also holds the distinction as the first receiver in NFL history to achieve 100 touchdown receptions in his career. Thanks to Steve for his amazing 14 year career with the Seahawks.
Steve Largent Seahawks
                  Retired Jersey
*In 2004, Largent gave his blessing for future Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Rice to wear #80 as a Seahawk for 11 games.

1996 (7-9) , 1997 (8-8)
The Wilson logo on jersey sleeve would typically be a gold color.

1998 (8-8)
Uniforms were made by Logo Athletic and their logos were added to the upper sleeves and pants. (Thanks to Mitchell Ness)

1999 (9-7) AFC West Champions
Uniforms were made by Puma and their logos were added to the upper sleeves and pants. On some jerseys the logo from the previous year was just covered by a patch.
Seattle Seahawks Puma Patch
(Photo courtesy of UniWatch)

In Honor of Frank "Fritz" Shurmur
Fritz Shurmur was a staple on current National Football League head coach Mike Holmgren's coaching staff in Green Bay. Shurmur left Green Bay in 1999 to be defensive coordinator with the Seahawks when Holmgren accepted the dual roles of head coach and general manager with Seattle. Fritz died of cancer before the season began. In his honor, the Seahawks wore a black "FS" decal on the back of their helmets all season. (GG)
1999 Seattle Seahawks Uniforms

2000 (6-10)
Happy Anniversary
A 25th Anniversary patch was worn on Puma jerseys for Home and Road games all season. (P-I)
2000 Seattle Sehawks
                  Uniforms and Patch
2001 (9-7)
Manufacture Change
Uniforms were made by Reebok and their logos were added to the upper sleeves and pants. This is the last year for the original style logo and uniforms. (P-I)
     2001 Seattle Seahawks Uniforms
2002 (7-9)
Its All New
2002 marked the beginning of a new look for the Seahawks. There were 4 different sets of uniforms designed. 2 for home and 2 for away. Also, "NFL EQUIPMENT" tag replaces NFL shield on jersey neck and front of pants.

One Color Home and Road
The road set was only used for the last two road games of the 2002 season.
2002 Seattle Seahawks
2 Color Home and Road
The home blue/white combination was only worn during two preseason games but the away white/blue combo was worn 5 times.

  2002 Seattle Seahawks Uniforms  

The Helmet and Jerseys that Never Were

When the uniforms were shown at a press conference & fashion show before the 2002 season they were a bit different from the uniforms that eventually hit the field. The Reebok logo was on the shoulder directly below the number and the new Seahawks logo on the sleeve was much bigger.  Fans had a chance to vote on the new Seahawks Helmet. They had the blue helmet and one done on a silver helmet similar to the older style, but with the new logo. Its been said, the Seahawks originally wanted to use both, one for home the other for away, but the NFL rules only allow teams to have one official helmet. The blue helmet won and the silver never saw the field. (P-I). M. Princip over at greenglare.com has a beautiful picture of the silver version of the helmet. Check it out - HERE
2002 Seattle
                  Seahawks Uniform and Helmet Prototypes

The Logos that Never Were?
Posted on UniWatchblog.com: prototype story from Mike MacCulloch, who writes: “I worked in the Seahawks’ front office from 1997-2000 (ticket office for three seasons and corporate sales for one). I joined the team just after Paul Allen had purchased the team and the state had agreed to build a new stadium. In 2000, just as the team was moving into Husky Stadium while Qwest Field was being built, the team was in the process of designing new uniforms and helmets. During that time, they went through many different designs. At one point they created three different prototype helmets, each in a different color and with different logos on each side of the helmets. The idea at that time was to have the Hawk logo with a red eye to make it look more intimidating, as well as a possible modification to the back portion of the logo. I was able to save this helmet from being tossed out when our interns cleaned out one of the storage areas. For whatever reason, whoever put the helmets together seemed to rush putting the decals on, so there’s a slight bubble to it. Still, plenty interesting (and ugly).” I showed the photos to one of my ESPN bosses, Kevin Jackson, who’s from Seattle, and he said, “This answers the age-old question: What would the Seahawks logo look like if it got drunk?”
2002 Seattle Seahawks Logo Prototypes

2003 (10-6) NFC Wild Card
The two color combinations of uniforms for home and road games were used during preseason. When the regular season came, only the one color sets were used except for the 2 color road version that was used during week 4 and 7. No other uniform changes. (P-I)

2004 (9-7) NFC West Champions
In Honor of Pat Tillman
"40" helmet decal worn for Week 2.  This decal was worn by all 1,440 active players to honor Pat Tillman, the first NFL player killed in combat since the Vietnam War. (NFL)
Tillman Tribute
2005 (13-3) NFC West Champions/NFC Conference Champions*
2 Color Home Uni's
The regular season opened up in Jacksonville were the Seahawks wore the Blue tops and white bottoms for the first
time during the regular season (P-I)
2002 Seattle Seahawks Uniform
Futbol Americano
"FÚTBOL AMERICANO" helmet decal worn for one game by all NFL teams in Week 4 to commemorate the first time regular-season game played outside the United States (NFL)
Futbol Sticker

*NFC Champions
The Seahawks became the first NFL team to play in both an AFC Conference Championship Game (1983) and the NFC Conference Championship Game.
2005 Seahawks NFC
                  Championship Ring

Super Bowls XL
The Seahawks were the NFC Champions for the first time in franchise history and faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XL. Stickers where added to the back of the helmets and patches were worn on the jerseys. (NFL)
2005 Seattle
                  Sehawks Super Bowl XL Uniforms
2006 (9-7) NFC West Champions
No Changes

2007 (10-6) NFC West Champions
C is for Captain
The NFL instituted a standardized "C" uniform patch for team captains. They also created a new rule that the quarterback with a radio in his helmet must have a green dot on the back of his helmet. Only one "dotted" helmet is allowed on the field at the same time. (NFL)
2007 Seattle Seahawks

In Honor of Sean Taylor
After week 13, the Seahawks added a Black Circle 21 Sticker to their helmets as a tribute for Washington Redskin Sean Talyor who was murdered. They continued wearing the sticker throughout the rest of the season and playoffs. (NFL)
Sean Taylor
                  Tribute Sticker

It's the Shoes
The Wildcard Weekend had the Washington Redskins coming to Seattle and a lot of players showed off some new sneakers by Nike that used the lime green color like never before. There were a couple different styles and some players even had matching shoelaces. These shoes were not worn the next week during in Green Bay for the Divisional Playoff Game versus the Packers. (NFL)

2008 (4-12)
New NFL Shield and Dot
An updated NFL Shield will be updated on everything including the Equipment Patch.
Also, a new rule change is a Defense player will also be allowed to wear a headset on the field similar to the quarterback. The green dot has the NFL logo and a lightning bolt added to it. (NFL)
2008 NFL Logo Change

In Honor of Gene Upshaw
Before the first regular season game the Seahawks, and all NFL teams, added a Black Circle GU 63 patch to their uniforms as a tribute to Hall of Famer and NFL Players Association Head Gene Upshaw who passed away. The patch was only worn for week one. The patch was gone week 2 and replaced by a helmet decal. They continued to wear the helmet decal throughout the rest of the season. (NFL)
2008 Gene Upshaw Patch
2009 (5-11)
New Green Alternate Jersey
On April 1, 2009
M. Princip over at greenglare.com, with support from Paul Lucas at the UniWatchBlog reported the Seahawks will have there first alternate jersey in franchise history. Nation wide speculation and conversations was all over the internet, but it was believed to be an April Fools joke, but September 27, 2009 the Hawks bring out the green jerseys a darker blue pants at home vs. the Chicago Bears. There were green jerseys for sale in 2008, but the numbers were reversed from the ones on the field. During a regular press conference November 7, 2009, coach Jim Mora Jr. announce the green jerseys had been retired because "We didn't win in them." The article is HERE
                            Seattle Seahawks Green Alternate Uniforms
                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of Seahawks.com

Breast Cancer Awareness
October is breast cancer awareness month and the NFL decided to go pink with gloves, captains patches, wrist bands, shoes and helmet decals. The Seahawks wore them on the road game October 4th, but when they came home on the 11th, they were pink-less. They fixed their lack of pink and were wearing their support at home on the 18th.
2009 Seattle
                  Seahawks Cancer Awareness Decal

Two Tone is back
Starting on the road in Minnesota on Nov. 22 and continuing to St. Louis (Nov. 29) and Houston (Dec. 13) the Seahawks brought back the two tone away uniforms not seen since 2003. Coach Mora announced he has the final say of the uniforms with players input, and he likes the two tone road uniforms more than the all white.
                    Seattle Seahawks Uniform

Two Blue
The Seahawks come home after a month on the road and brought out a new combination. They had the regular blue tops, but added the new darker blue pants originally used with the green jersey. The Seahawks paid tribute to the Lakewood police officers who were targeted and murdered on 11/29/09. Head coach Jim Mora wore a Lakewood Police Department hat with the four officers' badge numbers on the side throughout the game. The navy blue pants might have also been worn as a way to honor of the Lakewood Police Officers. http://blog.seattlepi.com/football/archives/187400.asp  Coach Mora also said, in a press conference, the players think the darker pants are more comfortable. That article is HERE. They again wore them vs. their expansion brothers the Bucs on 12-20-09.  2010 (7-9) NFC West Champions
Number 71 Retired
On August 14, 2010,
nine-time Pro Bowler and NFL Hall of Famer Walter Jones announced his retirement and the Seahawks, for only the 3rd time in team history, retired a number. The #71. Thanks to 'Big Walt' for his amazing 13 year career with the Seahawks.
Walter Jones Seattle Seahawks

Double Dot

On September 12th, the Seahawks opened their season at home versus the 49ers. During the first half of the game Matt Hasselbeck had 2 "Green NFL Radio" stickers on his helmet. The oddly placed one located on the top of the helmet disappeared at halftime.
                          Seahawks Hasselbeck Double Sticker   

Breast Cancer Awareness
The NFL continued their support for breast cancer awareness month by again wearing pink on gloves, captains patches, wrist bands, shoes and helmet decals similar to the 2009 games. The Hawks wore them for all of their October games.

NFC West Champions
The Seahawks became the first Division Champions with a losing record at 7-9, then became the first team to win a playoff game with a losing record against the World Champion Saints on Jan. 8th.

2011 (7-7)
In honor of those who lost their lives, the NFL recognized the attack of the United States 10 years after it occurred by having every team in the NFL wear patch.
2011 9-11 Rememberance Patch  

Expensive Socks & Shoes

Running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $5,000 for violating the league's uniform policy for the December 12th game versus the St. Louis Rams for having lime green socks. Than on December 24th Lynch was fined $10,000 for violating the league's uniform policy for wearing cleats with a Skittles design during game against San Francisco. The fine was doubled because it was the second uniform infraction by Lynch that year.
  2011 Marshawn Lynch Uniform
Breast Cancer Awareness
The NFL continued their support for breast cancer awareness month by again wearing pink on gloves, captains patches, wrist bands, shoes and helmet decals similar to the 2009 games. The Hawks wore them for all of their October games.

2012 (11-5) NFC Wild Card
Manufacture Change ~ Holy Sch'NIKE's
Uniforms are now made by Nike league wide.  On April 2nd, Nike officially unveiled its redesigned uniforms for the NFL, and the team with the biggest overhaul were the Seahawks. (NFL & Nike)

Here are some uniform details as described by the Seahawks:

Colors: College Navy, Action Green, Wolf Grey. Modified color scheme mirrors colors of the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Jersey incorporates graphics inspired by northwest coastal Indian art. Broad chest graphic outlining the shoulders echoes the stance of a Thunderbird totem. The Seahawks mark above the heart honors the team. Feather-pattern graphic on helmet, in numbers and on pants represents natural elements of the Pacific Northwest, again inspired by the coastal Indian art. The 12 feathers on the pant leg strip represent the 12th Man. 12 feathers are also features on each side of the neckline and the 12th Man logo is sewn on the inside back collar of the jersey.
The Seahawks logo on helmet is bigger and bolder, connecting at a point in the back of the helmet. Jerseys are now made with a hydrophobic material that repels water, maintaining the jerseys’ “clean” look, making them lighter and not bogged down with water weight, resulting in better performance. Nike uniform is 20 percent lighter, 50 percent stringer and provides more of a shrink-wrap fit than previous models.

2013 Nike Seattle Seahawks Uniforms 2012
                              Seattle Seahawks Uniforms
2012 Seattle Seahawks 2-tone

Hall of Fame...for Lynch?
The Hall of Fame reached out to the Seahawks to preserve the debut of the team’s new home look. Seattle responded by sending Marshawn Lynch’s uniform from the home opener at CenturyLink Field on Sept. 16, 2012. Included in the shipment to the Hall of Fame were Lynch’s helmet along with his Nike jersey, pants, gloves but not his shoes from that afternoon. An excited Lynch tossed his cleats to some lucky fans following the game, but shoes worn by the star running back in practice were sent along as a part of the donation. (Description and pic courtesy of Hall of Fame)
2012 Marshawn Lynch Seahawks

Number 96 Retired
On October 14, 2012, eight
-time Pro Bowler, 1992 NFL Defensive Player of the Year and NFL Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy's #96 jersey was retired. Kennedy was accepted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2012 as the second player to play his whole career as a Seahawk. Thanks to 'Tez' for his amazing 11 year career with the Seahawks. Cortez only played in one playoff game his entire career on January 9, 2000 which was a first round loss to the Miami Dolphins. This was also the last NFL game ever hosted in the Kingdome.
Cortez Kennedy Seahawks Jersey
Stickers & Patches
Breast Cancer Awareness

The NFL continued their support for breast cancer awareness month by again wearing pink on gloves, captains patches, wrist bands, shoes and helmet decals similar to the 2009 games. The Hawks wore them for all of their October games except the Thursday Oct. 18 game vs the 49ers. No explanation was given. Also, unlike previous years, the NFL sticker was removed from all helmets and replaced with the ribbon decal.

Veterans Day
The Salute to Service campaign is designed to unify and elevate the extensive military appreciation work of the NFL and its clubs. Teams wore helmet decals honoring military branches with their insignia (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy). Additional on field elements featuring camouflage include ribbon lapel pins, Gatorade towels, Nike and Under Armour gloves for players, captain's patches and camouflage ribbon footballs used during every play. For the November 4th home game versus Minnesota the Seahawks wore the camo ribbon without an NFL decal. The captains patch were the normal blue. The Seahawks game for saluting our troops was November 11th against the Jets where the captains patches were camouflage and varies military stickers were worn on the helmets along with the NFL ribbon. 

Hall of Fame 50th
For weeks 14 and 15, all NFL teams wore patches on their jerseys celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Football Hall of Fame. (NFL)

Honoring Newtown Victims
The impact of the shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in western Connecticut at Newtown, Conn., on Dec 14th were felt far and wide. For weeks 16, 17 and the playoffs, the Seahawks honored the 26 victims, 20 of them schoolchildren, tragically killed by wearing decals on their helmets. The circular decals displayed the initials S.H.E.S., for Sandy Hook Elementary School.
2012 NFL Sticker and

2013 (13-3) NFC West Champions & NFC Champions & Super Bowl Champions

Uniform Decision Insider
Here is a snippet from an article in the Sports Business Daily by Tripp Mickle published August 19th, 2013
"During training camp last summer (2012), the ever-energetic Pete Carroll was pacing while watching his Seattle Seahawks practice and noticed the team lacked energy. Carroll eyed the team’s blue pants, and though it wasn’t necessarily hot, he decided to change things up.

'Let’s break out the grays tomorrow,' he told Seahawks equipment manager Erik Kennedy.

The next day the team wore gray pants during practice. The energy on the field was better, and Carroll liked the look. He filed the episode away and later during a key juncture of the season, with his team 2-2 and scheduled to wear blue jerseys in an away game against the Carolina Panthers on Oct. 7, he approached Kennedy with an idea.

'Let’s go blue, gray,' he said.

That Sunday the team stepped onto the field wearing blue tops and gray bottoms. The players liked the look, and the team won 16-12. Instant karma. The combination set in motion a season-long affair of mixing and matching the teams’ jersey and pant combinations. In some games, Carroll wanted the Seahawks in white tops, blue bottoms. In others, it was white tops, white bottoms. At home, it was blue tops, blue bottoms.

It was a process that led through the team’s surprising surge to the playoffs and will likely continue this year.

'He likes to be new and create hype,' Kennedy said. 'He likes the positive energy and what that brings when there’s a little bit of change.”

2012 Seahawks
                                                    vs. Carolina
2012 Sea vs. Car Photo by Huntley Paton

"The NFL will allow teams to select the pants they want to wear on a week-by-week basis, but the league requires that teams submit to the league office the jerseys they plan to wear each week for the entire season by July 1. That requirement has led many teams to develop a system for hashing out uniform plans once the league’s schedule is released. Some teams bring their equipment manager into the process. Others consult players. Carroll does the same thing with Marshawn Lynch, Kam Chancellor and other Seahawk leaders.

'You put a camera up above the mirror, you would see guys come and look at themselves before the game. That stuff happens.' Erik Kennedy, Seahawks Equipment Manager.

In early June (2013), Kennedy, the Seattle equipment manager, sat down in his office at the Seahawks’ waterfront training facility just west of Seattle. He looked at the team’s upcoming schedule and sketched out a jersey plan for the season. Then he called in a series of players to look at it.

Safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Richard Sherman and defensive end Red Bryant all thought it looked good, but quarterback Russell Wilson made one request. He wanted the Seahawks to wear white jerseys and pants in Indianapolis because he thought it would help him identify players indoors at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Kennedy took their recommendations, tweaked the list and wrote a final jersey plan on a four-by-four white board on his wall. He wanted to get the list to the league before July 1 and felt sketching out a complete plan helped him order the right supplies from Nike for the season. The list began with the first game at Carolina. The uniform plan for that game was the same as a year ago: blue tops, gray bottoms.

Carroll came in to review the list before Kennedy submitted it to the league and immediately liked what he saw. 'That’s good,' he said, noting the plan for the Panthers.

Kennedy was relieved, albeit temporarily. He knew Carroll might change the plan sometime this season.

'I don’t know where it comes from,' Kennedy said. 'He doesn’t want to get too hung up on it and have guys thinking that it matters. But then again, if we don’t play well, he’ll probably say, ‘I want to mix that up.’” 

Wrong Shoes?
Running back Marshawn Lynch was fined $5,250 for violating the league's uniform policy for the September 28th game versus the Houston Texans for having lime green shoes.

(Picture courtesy of Pro Football Talk)

Super Bowls XLVIII Champions
The Seahawks are the Super Bowl Champions for the first time in franchise history as they beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII 43-8. Super Bowl 48 stickers were added to the back of the helmets and patches on the jerseys. (NFL)
Seattle Seahawks
                                              Super Bowl 48 Uniforms 2013 Super Bowl XLVIII
                                      Seattle Seahawks Uniforms

Super Bowl 48 Ring
Framed  by 12 gemstones and 12 engraved feathers. There are 12th Man flags on the top, bottom and the stem. From the profile, you can see the architecture from Century Link's roof arches. (SCOM)
                                      Super Bowl 48 Ring

2014 (12-4) NFC West Champions & NFC Conference Champions

The NFL released their helmet decal schedule for the 2014 preseason and regular season. The breast cancer awareness and military ribbons remain from previous years, while a new Heads Up Football is new this preseason. (NFL)
                                          NFL Helmet Decals

In Honor of MP
The Seahawks wore special MP decals, MP Pins and showed the MP logo on their flags in support of Marysville Pilchuck High School during the Week 9 game against the Oakland Raiders.
                                                    Marysville Philchuck
                                                    High School

Super Bowls XLIX
The Seahawks went back to the Super Bowl to play the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, but lost 28.24 They wore their all Blue home uniforms. Super Bowl 49 stickers were added to the back of the helmets and patches on the jerseys. They are now 0-2 in Super Bowls wearing the all blue set. (Picture courtesy of Seahawks.com)
                                                        Seahawks Super
                                                        Bowl XLIX Patch

2015 (10-6) NFC Wild Card

The NFL released their helmet decal schedule for the 2015 preseason and regular season. They are the same as 2014 except the breast cancer awareness ribbon will have a gold NFL shield. The military ribbons and the Heads Up Football continues this preseason. (NFL)
2015 NFL Helmet

The Green Returns...for Training Camp
At the beginning of the 2015 Training camp, July 31st, the defense came out wearing green tops with Blue numbers. Green uniforms have not been seen on players since the ones in 2009. No plans announced to have them on the field for regular season.
2015 Seahawks Green
(Picture courtesy of Seattle PI's JOSHUA TRUJILLO)

3D Helmet Bumpers
Reported by Mike Princip at UniWatch who says, “Looks to possibly be their official wordmark/font, although with the tiered embossed look, it’s hard to tell.”
Seahawks 3D Nose

12's Helmet Sticker

On December 24, the Seahawks announced on their Instagram account : "Our practice helmetes this week featured a special decal honoring the greatest fanson Earth, the @12's."
Seahawks 12's
                                                    fan helmet sticker
(Picture courtesy of Seattle Seahawks Instagram @Seahawks)

2016 (9-4-1) NFC West Champions

The NFL released their helmet decal schedule for the 2016 preseason and regular season. They are the same as 2014 except the breast cancer awareness ribbon will have a gold NFL shield. The military ribbons and the Heads Up Football continues this preseason. (NFL)

It's not easy being Green
The NFL Color Rush is a promotion done in conjunction with the National Football League (NFL) and Nike that promotes so-called "color vs. color" matchups with teams in matchup-specific uniforms that are primarily one solid color with alternating colored accents, primarily airing on Thursday Night Football. Despite being promoted as color vs. color, some games have one team wearing traditional white uniforms, either by choice or out of necessity. The uniforms don't count against each team with regards to their allowed alternate uniform allotment. Seattle played Thursday December 15, 2016 versus the Los Angeles Rams in Seattle. Their uniforms were marketed as "Action Green" that used the lime green accent color as a primary for both the top and bottoms. Seattle also used green for the endzone color and cheerleader outfits for that game.
                                                        Seahawks Action
                                                        Green Color Rush

2002-2011 Seahawks Uniform Record.

2002-2011 Seahawks
                                                Uniform record

2012-2015 Seahawks Uniform Record

2012 (11-5)
      Playoffs (1-1)
1-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2013 (13-3) * ** ***
     Playoffs (3-0)
1-0 0-0 1-2 2-0
0-0 2-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2014 (12-4) * **
     Playoffs (2-1)
0-1 0-0 1-0 2-1 0-1 2-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2015 (10-6)
   Playoffs (1-1)
6-3 0-0
0-0 0-1 1-2
1-0 2-0 0-0 0-0 0-0
2016 (9-4-1)*
   Playoffs (0-0)

Total (46-18)
     Playoffs (7-3)
0-0 4-4
1-4 7-0 0-0 0-0 1-0
* indicates NFC West Division Champions
** Indicates NFC Conference Champions
*** Indicates Super Bowl Champions

The Seahawks have had eight versions of on-field mascots. The first was "The Seahawk" which had two versions. In 1983, every NFL team had a new mascot based on the "Huddles" series. These were league designed mascots that were a huge marketing and merchandise push. Each came with dolls, pins, statues and more. The current mascot is "Blitz." He was born in 1998 and there have been four versions at this point with a new sidekick Boom added in 2014.
                                          Seahawks Mascot History
Seattle Seahawks
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